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Our Valley Middle School Attendance Assistant is Julie Evans.  For questions, please call or email at or 760-331-5364.  However, if  you are calling in an absence, please call our 24-hour Attendance Hotline at 760-331-5370 and leave your student's name, spell the last name, grade, reason for the absence, your relationship to the student, and your phone number.


Please call the Attendance Hotline at 760-331-5370 to report your student's illness, absence, or if they will be arriving late.  Please leave the student's name, spell the last name, grade, reason for absence or late arrival, your relationship to the student and your phone number. 

  • For an illness, please call every day.
  • For personal business, such as travel or family/personal business, one call is sufficient with the reason and dates the student will be missing.
  • For late arrivals, please come to the attendance office to pick up a pass to class.



If you need to pick your student up early, please send a note with your student to bring to the attendance office, or you can call the Attendance Hotline at 760-331-5370, and we will give them a pass to leave class.  Please give their name, reason for leaving early, your name and relationship to the student and the adults that will be picking the student up.  The adult picking the student up will need to be on the Contacts list in Aeries and needs to be 21 or over.  When you come to pick the student up, please come to the attendance office to sign them out and bring a picture ID.


If your student is late to school, please have them check in at the Attendance Office for a pass to class.  The first bell rings at 7:44am and the tardy bell rings at 7:48am.  The students are to be in their seats at 7:48am.  Please see the consequences below for several tardies:

1-2    Tardies = Warning

3-4    Tardies = 30 minute Detention

6-8    Tardies = 1 Hour Detention

10+   Tardies = Referral, possible SART or SARB process & Friday School


School Loop is available to find out what homework was assigned during your student’s absence.  You will need to register if you have not already done so. You need your student’s five-digit permanent ID number which is available on the ID card. We encourage your student have a “Homework Buddy” in each of their classes. Then they may call them to find out what was missed in class that day.

Please be advised that it is school policy that work does not have to be provided prior to an absence.  Families should access School Loop while away to see what work is being missed.