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Parents On Campus

Parents On Campus


On this campus, a committed group of parents and other caring adults help maintain a highly energized yet peaceful atmosphere. By mingling with students in a friendly, relaxed manner, adults establish a presence that helps deter disruptive behavior. These adults are parents, who are willing to volunteer their time to increase the peacefulness and safety of the school. As they move about the campus in pairs or groups of three, ever watchful of the places students congregate (breezeways, restrooms, eating areas, athletic fields, secluded areas), they are always helpful, positive, and friendly. The volunteers receive information from students, alerting them to potential problems: “Hey Mr. Johnson, Mr. Felix, I think you should check out the restrooms down by the Multi-use room.”    

The volunteers don’t physically intervene in disputes or confront students about what may appear to be objectionable student conduct. These volunteers know they may hear language they don’t like or see clothing of which they don’t approve. They also know that pushing and “play acting” does not necessarily mean that violence is imminent. As a support system to the administration and campus supervisors, the volunteers move about the campus freely, keeping their eyes and ears open, and alerting the administration in the event problems occur. Of equal importance, they increase the number of adults whom students have access to while at school.    


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